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Welcome to, the lady shaver website.  Find the best lady shaver at the best price.

To feel at your best you have to look your best.  Get soft smooth legs and underarms, and a neat bikini line with all of the products listed on our website.

Whether you’re looking for a disposable razor, an electric lady shaver, or an epilating device, you’ll find whatever you need right here.

Lady Shaver Reviews

Philips HP6341 Wet and Dry Lady Shaver

lady shaverThe HP6341 water tight Lady Shaver from Philips allows you to shave when you are both in and out of the shower.  It is quick and easy to use and produces great results.  Use on legs, underarms or bikini line.  Great design makes this lady shaver easy to handle.  Comes with protection cap to prevent damage to shaving foil.  FREE SHIPPING.  Price £14.50.  More

Braun Silk & Soft 5560 Electric Lady Shaver

lady shaver

Braun’s 5560 Silk & Soft has proved a very popular lady shaver thanks in part to the exfoliating function which works in tandem with the shaver to leave your skin feeling and looking great.  The cordless design with rounded head allows you to follow the contours of your body with ease.  This lady shaver comes with a bikini trimmer for shaping and is fully washable.  FREE DELIVERY.  Price £33.50.  More

BaByliss 8663DU Silky Smooth Shaver

BaByliss Lady Shaver

This lady shaver by BaByliss offers great value for money and a close, clean shave.  The 8663DU includes a hypoallergenic shaving foil to minimise irritation and comes with dual trimmers designed to cut longer hairs for a smooth finish.  Can be used wet or dry.  Comes with two year guarantee.  FREE DELIVERY.  Price £12.99.  More


Lady Shaver Reviews


SainSonic Mini Lady Shaver

SainSonic Lady Shaver

The SainSonic(TM) mini electric lady shaver has received rave reviews for both price, and performance.  The lightweight and compact design makes it perfect for travelling and very easy to handle.  This model comes with both curved and straight mowers and shaving foil.  Includes cleaning brush, charger and cap protection.  FREE DELIVERY.  Price £14.59.  More

Remington WDF4830C Cordless Lady Shaver

Remington Lady Shaver

Remington’s Cordless Lady Shaver can be used in or out of the shower, wet or dry, for ultimate flexibility.  The WDF4830C comes with a moisturising massage strip with Aloe Vera to gently stretch the skin for a lovely smooth shave. The flexing hypoallergenic floating foils guarantee a close contact leaving skin feeling silky smooth.  FREE DELIVERY.  Price £20.00.  More

Quattro for Women Bikini Razor

quattro lady shaver

The Quattro lady shaver from Wilkinson Sword is a razor and adjustable bikini trimmer in one.  The classic design provides a close clean shave with long lasting results every time.  Includes four blades.  FREE SHIPPING.  Price £6.47.  More


Lady Shaver Reviews


Gillette Venus Embrace Razor with Shower Pod

gillette lady shaverGillette’s Venus lady shaver utilises five blades which individually adjust to hug your skin leaving it feeling nice and smooth.  A protective ribbon of moisture helps ensure a smooth glide and a great shaving experience.  Includes soft-grip handle and ShowerPodTM in-shower storage.  FREE DELIVERY.  Price £4.00.  More

Braun Silk & Soft 5100 Lady Shaver

braun lady shaver

Braun’s no nonsense Silk & Soft 5100 lady shaver is a solid performer.  The OptiShave attachment helps to enhance the shaving angle on legs.  The rounded head ensures that you get a close shave, even in those hard to reach places and the extended Long Hair Trimmer provides easy trimming and styling in the bikini zone.  Change between trim and shave modes at the click of a button.  FREE DELIVERY.  Price £20.00.  More

Philips HP6368/00 Lady Shaver Sensitive Premium

Philips Lady Shaver

The floating pivoting head of this premium lady shaver from Philips follows the contours of your body to ensure a smooth glide, the twin hypoallergenic shaving foils protect your skin and Aloe vera strip
provides better hydration.  No wonder this model is so popular.  Comes with protective pouch for easy storage.  FREE DELIVERY.  Price £32.50.  More


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Remington WPG4030 Cordless Body and Bikini Kit

Remington lady shaver

Get bikini ready in superfast time with the WPG4030 by Remington.  This amazing trimmer includes a mini lady shaver with nano silver: Hypoallergenic for a clean smooth shave, as well as a detail trimmer and arc trimmer, both with comfort tips.  Also included are an adjustable comb and anti-slip grip.  FREE DELIVERY.  Price £29.99.  More

Philips HP6423/00 Epilator with Lady Shaver

Philips lady shaver

Primarily this great device from Philips is an epilator but it comes with a great ergonomic shaving head attachment designed to follow the curves of your body to give a close shave.  The Satinelle epilator itself has a rounded head for comfort, two speed settings and washable head.  FREE DELIVERY.  Price £29.95.  More

Philips BikiniGenie Trimmer and Lady Shaver

Philips lady shaver

Philips’ BikiniGenie is a battery operated trimmer featuring a safe trimming head with 4mm and 6mm trimming combs and a small 17mm lady shaver head for use after the trimmer for a smooth and precise shave.  The shaving attachment and trimmer heads are all fully washable.  FREE DELIVERY.  Price £25.00.  More


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Philips HP6375/01 Bikini Perfect – Trimmer and Lady Shaver

Philips lady shaver

This flexible 4 in 1 trimmer includes a gentle bikini trimmer, hygienic bikini comb, long lasting epilator and extra smooth lady shaver head to provide an all round shaving experience at a great price.  Provides up to 60 minutes of output before recharging.  Lightweight and easy to use.  Get a beach-ready look in minutes.  FREE DELIVERY.  Price £23.00.  More

Braun Silk Epil Bikini Styler

braun lady shaver

The Silk Epil from Braun is a true bikini trimmer as oppose to a traditional lady shaver.  Its slim bikini shaping head allows you to experiment by shaving precise lines, shapes or contours.  It comes with two trimming combs, 5mm and 8mm, and a precision head for accuracy which can also be used to style eyebrows.  Comes with protective cap to maintain cleanliness.  FREE DELIVERY.  Price £18.74.  More

Remington WPG2000 6-in-1 Lady Shaver Set

Remington Lady Shaver

This is a great all-in-one shower proof grooming set from Remington.  It includes a mini lady shaver with antibacterial Nano Silver coating for hygiene, two trimmers for detailing and fine trimming, two adjustable attachment combs, cleaning brush and beauty bag.  FREE DELIVERY.  Price £18.56.  More


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POVOS PS1088 Electric Lady Shaver Rechargeable Smooth Wet & Dry Hair Remover

lady shaver reviewsPOVOS’ PS1088 lady shaver is “packed with smart, innovative features that deliver a remarkably close and fast shave”. It uses an independent floating head with extra thin knife for smooth results. Features an intelligent control chip, visual charge indicator, low noise, hypo-allergenic blades, high-speed motor and security protection system to prevent hair from clamping and to prevent damage to the motor. The POVOS PS1088 is fully washable and “will let you enjoy an extraordinary smooth and safe shaving experience!”  Price £21.99.  More info

Remington Smooth & Silky WDF4815C Battery Operated Lady Shaver

lady shaver reviewsThe Remington WDF4815C has received mixed reviews since its release.  It has been described as both “Neat, lightweight and very gentle on the skin” and “Not a good product” with some reviewers reporting irritation.  Nonetheless its features include dual hypoallergenic, flexible foils and skin-stretching massage strip, shower proof design, and comes with a flexible trimmer system with comfort tips for longer hairs and bikini trimmer comb guard.  Also includestwo AAA Varta batteries, cleaning brush, beauty bag and two-year guarantee.  FREE DELIVERY.  Price £13.00.  More info


Braun LS 5160 Silk & Soft Bodyshave

lady shaver reviewsThe Braun LS5160 Silk & Soft Lady Shaver is the older version of the Silk & Soft 5100 described above.  Despite it being a slightly older model it is still a firm favourite among those looking to achieve a smooth finish from their shaving tool.  It averages a strong 4 stars out of 5 from over sixty current reviews and has been described as “Awesome”, “a good buy”, and and “Excellent Shaver”.  FREE DELIVERY.  Price £24.99.  More info


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Panasonic ES2216PC Close Curves Wet/Dry Ladies Shaver with Bikini Attachment

lady shaverThe Panasonic ES2216PC Lady Shaver features four of the sharpest blades available on a lady shaver. The pivot action system moves with your curves to ensure a closer, smoother shave with no bumps and no mess. Includes pop-up trimmer for stray hairs and adjustable bikini trimmer attachment. Hypo allergenic for sensitive skin and fully immersible in water for easy cleaning and safe use in the tub or shower. FREE SHIPPING. Price $29.97  More

Conair LWD375WCSV Satiny Smooth Ladies’ Wet/Dry Rechargeable Shaver

lady shaverThis popular lady shaver from Conair uses twin independent floating cutters and foils on wet or dry skin for a smooth, close shave. Has a 25 minute run time. Fully chargeable. Includes easy to use pop-up bikini trimmer. FREE SHIPPING. Price $16.77  More


Revlon RV557C Smooth and Glamorous Ladies Rechargeable Shaver

lady shaverRevlon’s Smooth & Glamorous lady shaver features wet or dry operation in or out of teh shower, and includes a curved trimmer to reach tight spaces and under arms, and a straight trimming blade to catch longer hairs. The ceramic blades of this shaver help protect sensitive skin to ensure a smooth, clean shave. Includes countertop charging stand and deluxe storage bag. FREE SHIPPING. Price $24.20  More


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Panasonic ES2291DT Wet/dry Ladies Shaver

lady shaverThe ES2291DT lady Shaver from Panasonic has a fully immersible design allowing you to shave in the bath and around water. The floating head system shaves carefully around the contours of your legs and under arms for a precise clean shave. The nickel-free, hypoallergenic blades are kind on your skin and the pop-up trimmer allows you to catch stary hairs. Also operates as a bikini trimmer. FREE SHIPPING. Price $15.99  More

Remington WSF4810DC Women’s Travel Foil Shaver

lady shaverThe Remington WSF4810DC Women’s Travel Foil Shaver is a an easy to use, lightweight, battery operated lady shaver. It uses full size foil and dual trimmers and an angled head for a quick and effective shave. Protects your skin from nicks and cuts. Great for travel. FREE SHIPPING. Price $8.97  More


Philips HP6378/10 Bikini Perfect Deluxe Trimmer

lady shaverThe Perfect Trimmer by Philips includes six precision attachments for the perfect shave. It comes with a micro shaver and micro trimmer for normal shaving, a precision trimmer for flawless bikini line grooming and comfort, a precision comb with five length settings for shaping, as well as an epilator to remove hair at the root for weeks of smooth skin, and an eyebrow comb. Wet or dry operation. Rinses clean. Comes with tweezers and exfoliating glove. Two-year warranty. FREE SHIPPING. Price $44.99  More


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Cleancut PS335 T-Shape Personal Shaver

lady shaverThe Cleancut PS335 T-Shape lady shaver is very easy to use, represents great value for money, and is designed to be used anywhere on your body. Its ultra fine combe style head shaves hair close to skin and can be used for your underarms, legs, bikini line and pubic region. One Year Parts and Labor Guarantee. FREE SHIPPING. Price $20.13  More

Conair LTGS40PCS Lady Shaver Multi Use Beauty Kit

lady shaverThis lady shaver beauty set by Conair in soft pink is a full “head to toe” grooming kit. The 10 piece set allows you to shave legs and underarms, trim the bikini area and also touch-up eyebrows. Comes with oil, cleaning brush and stand. Set includes full size shaver head, bikini trimmer head, eyebrow trimmer, two position eyebrow comb and five position attachment comb. FREE SHIPPING. Price $19.99  More

Wahl Delicate Definitions Body Kit with Ladies Rechargeable Trimmer/Shaver/Detailer

lady shaverWahl’s personal grooming kit for women includes a lady shaver and trimmer that have earned rave reviews from users. The kit comes with a detail head and rotary shaver for versatility and precision. The adjustable guide allows you to detail and edge with ease. The shaver removes hair comfortably, without nicking or pulling. Rechargeable. Comes in stylish red finish. FREE SHIPPING. Price $19.05  More


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Panasonic Beauty Line Ladies Precision Body Shaver

lady shaverThe ES-WR40VP cordless lady shaver comes in a sleek wand design with matching cap which packs the shaver away neatly to blend in with the other items in your makeup bag. Has two pivot positions (horizontal or vertical)for precise detailing. Long lasting blade – up to 5 years. Cleaning brush included. Battery operated for up to 72 minutes of usage. Two year limited warranty. FREE SHIPPING. Price $24.41  More

Panasonic ES246AC Bikini Shaper and Trimmer

lady shaverNot quite a lady shaver in the true sense but the Panasonic ES246AC Bikini Shaper and Trimmer has received such strong reviews by so many users, we had to include it. It makes bikini line grooming safe and easy. Comes with hypo-allergenic stainless steel blades for sensitive skin, and five position trimmer and angled head to shape and adjust hair length. battery operated. Includes cleaning brush. FREE SHIPPING. Price $19.99  More

Seiko Femini Personal Shaver

lady shaverSeiko’s Shavy Femini is a lady shaver engineered to be used anywhere on your body. From legs and underarms to the bikini line and pubic zone, this device is designed to shave hair without nicking, for a comfortable shave. Also useful for styling, grooming and shaping. Comes with a full one year parts and labor guarantee. FREE SHIPPING. Price $31.49  More


Lady Shaver Reviews


Gillette Venus Embrace Womens Razor

lady shaverThe Gillette Venus Embrace is a popular lady shaver and a very strong performer. The Razor is made up of five blades and a ribbon of moisture to provide a protective gel layer to achieve a comfortable shave with less nicks and cuts. Shaving with the Venus Embrace leaves skin looking super clean and super smooth. Comes with two refills.  FREE SHIPPING AVAILABLE. Price $8.52  More

Schick Quattro For Women Trimstyle Razor & Bikini Trimmer

lady shaverThe Schick Quattro is the first all-in-one lady shaver and bikini trimmer. It comes with four ultra thin razor blades to ensure a smooth shave. Features battery-operated waterproof razor and bikini-area trimmer which vibrates and adjustable trimmer comb. The pivoting head follows the natural curves of your body for a comfortable, clean shave. Includes contoured rubber grip handle. FREE SHIPPING AVAILABLE. Price $11.04  More

Braun FG 1100 Silk Épil Bikini Styler

lady shaverThe Braun Silk-épil bikini styler is ultra precise to help you create detailed styles in the bikini area. The slim head of the Braun styler is perfect for shaving lines and shapes in the bikini zone. Includes two trimming combs (5 mm and 8 mm) to trim hair to a length to suit your style. Can also be used to style eyebrows FREE SHIPPING AVAILABLE. Price $17.49  More


Lady Shaver Reviews


Panasonic ES-WD51-P Epiglide Ladies Wet Dry Epilator

lady shaverThe Panasonic Epiglide Wet/Dry Epilator is a best seller with three attachment heads: an epilator, lady shaver and a bikini trimmer. It is fully immersible and can be used in the bath or shower with lather or foam, or alternatively in the dry. Contains 48 rotating tweezing discs and hypo-allergenic blades for sensitive skin. FREE SHIPPING. Price $50.57  More

Philips HP6401 Satinelle Epilator

lady shaverThe Philips HP6401 Satinelle Epilator is a total body hair removal system that removes hair from the root to leave skin soft and smooth for weeks. Includes an efficiency cap to ensure gentle epilation in those sensitive areas, and a washable epilation head. Comes with two year warranty. FREE SHIPPING. Price $35.81  More


Epilady EP-810-33A Legend 4 Full-Size Rechargeable Epilator

lady shaverThe Legend 4 from Epilady removes hair at the route from all over your body leaving skin smooth for up to four weeks. Has two operating speeds to vary control. Can be used corded or cordless. Quiet motion with wide head and perfect angle guide for best epilation results. Includes storage pouch, cleaning brush, and instruction manual. Onne year warranty. FREE SHIPPING. Price $55.95  More


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CONAIR LWD1 Women’s Dual Foil Battery Shaver

lady shaverConair’s LWD1 Lady Shaver represents great value for money. It is a full size dual foil battery powered shaver with easy to use, nick-free cutting system for smooth results. Includes rinsable head for easy cleaning. FREE SHIPPING AVAILABLE. Price $13.23  More

HDE® Cordless Lady Shaver Wet/Dry

lady shaverHDE’s Cordless Lady Shaver is so easy to use. Whether you like a dry shave, to use shaving cream, or to shave in the shower, this Wet/Dry shaver can do it all. One side is a flat trimmer for your arms and legs, and the other is a curved trimmer for your underarms or bikini area. Rinses clean. Comes with cleaning brush and travel bag. Price $9.95  More

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